No Peace, Just Wisdom

Each day is getting closer and closer to a divorce.

My friend said to me, “At least you have a peace about it.”

Noooo. I don’t have a peace about it.  Everyday my emotions flip flop back and forth.  I don’t know how anyone could have a peace about getting a divorce from someone you love. Continue reading “No Peace, Just Wisdom”

In His Time

My heart sifts through the wreckage of life. With my arms made strong, I push aside big heavy metal. Rusted long beams, severed iron, and massive brick lay crumbled before me.

I’ve seen this in real life before in Sedai, Japan.  I visited the aftermath on a mission trip after the tsunami. It was something out of an end-time movie.

My eyes scanned a vast dilapidated land which was once a happy community. Schools were flattened, gas stations half standing, piles and piles of wrecked vehicles and motorbikes filled a parking lot from the clean up.

It was so sad to see.  Something like that changes your perspective about life and it’s Continue reading “In His Time”

I Trust You

“Let’s have an honest conversation, Lynsey. My answer is no. For reasons I can’t fully explain over this dinner,” Fabian said steadfastly as I sat on the couch twirling my spaghetti.

We had been discussing house rentals since he got home from work. Dinner was running cold, the baby was crying, and I stumbled around with my phone in my hand eager to show photos of the 3 bedroom house I had just seen. Continue reading “I Trust You”

“There’s no normal life…it’s just life”

We’re finally getting back into the swing of things, and yet we’re not normal.

What is normal?

Most people, if not everyone, thinks their own family isn’t normal, whether it be due to some crazy relative or unfortunate circumstance. Or perhaps it’s yourself that is off your rocker.  Abnormalities can make you feel like the world you live in is tilted slightly off kilter and that you could slide off the edge of the world at any moment and some days you wish you could. Continue reading ““There’s no normal life…it’s just life””

Celebration Day!

I love the Lord. I’m just going to go right out and say that upfront. Whether through good circumstances or bad circumstances, and trust me, we’ve had a lot of bad times, yet I will always love the Lord, and the Lord loves me.

We found out we were pregnant just moments before my birthday and I thought it was such a fitting birthday present from God.

Well, today is the day of salvation. A day of redemption. A day of celebration.

We welcome Little Zephy’s sister into the world…

Continue reading “Celebration Day!”


Yesterday was a very tough day.  My husband and I were invited to a luncheon in honor of all the donors who donated their organs in their passing.  We knew this lunch was coming.  It was in my calendar.  I reminded my husband intermittently as it approached.  We knew it was coming, but we weren’t prepared to revisit the loss of our little girl.

On a daily basis, we say hi to her photo.  We happily kiss it when we pass by the photo frames.  We acknowledge our new life without her.  We look towards the future.  But there’s something so emotionally overwhelming when bringing something so painful to remembrance.  It’s important…difficult…but in it’s own way, releasing.  Continue reading “Remembrance”

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